Curing the Pregnancy Belly

You’d be hard pressed to put your body back together completely after pregnancy, especially if you’ve had multiple pregnancies.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try, of course, but pregnancy does things to a woman’s body that regular weight gain or age can’t even compare to. And repairing that damage requires an intense combination of hard work and a bit of fine-tuning as well.

The Pregnancy Belly
While you’re pregnant, your belly is adorably rounded and hard – stretched to the max by the baby inside. Once the baby comes out, however, your belly suddenly resembles a deflated balloon. The cute hardness is gone and the skin sags dramatically. Every woman remembers the first time she turned on her side and watched the skin literally pool up next to her on the bed. While terrifying at the time, nature will repair some of the damage and you can help Mother Nature along in the process as well.

Pregnancy stretches both the muscles and the skin of your midsection – often to the point of no return. The larger your belly, the more likely it is you have serious muscle and skin damage to the area, sadly, but by starting your repairs right away you can minimize the damage at least.

Repairing Muscles
Weak muscles can be repaired through exercise in some cases. If your muscles are simply too relaxed, you can start to firm them up again with abdominal exercises designed to strengthen your entire core. Pilates and yoga are excellent choices because the exercises are gentle enough to not strain your back, but they offer intense firming practice for your midsection at the same time. Begin an exercise routine for your core area as soon as you have permission from your doctor.

Lose Fat
At the same time, work hard on losing the baby weight by watching what you’re eating and eating fewer calories than you need to make it through the day. As you lose weight on the scale, you’ll notice the loss all over your body making a great deal of the fat on your belly simply fade away. In some cases you’ll be lucky enough to lose all of the extra fat on your belly and your body will return to a shape and size very similar to the one you had before pregnancy. For others, dieting will help lose much of the fat but stubborn pockets will remain.

Sadly, if you have too much muscle damage, even the best core exercises can’t repair all of it. Damaged muscles and hugely stretched skin can’t be repaired with a good diet and exercise. These require surgical intervention. A combination of a tummy tuck and liposuction is used to repair the damaged muscles manually as well as cutting away the damaged skin. Finally a bit of liposuction is used along the sides of the belly to smooth down your waistline, giving you amazing results exercise couldn’t, virtually overnight.