Creative = Dishonest and other Unsettling New Research

Creative Folk Are Unethical

If you’re a creative person, it’s likely that you’re also dishonest. Researchers from Harvard and Duke have published their latest research and they have found that people who have a great deal of creativity also tend to be a bit, er, creative when it comes to making the right choices and telling the truth.

Often, when the creative people are thinking deep thoughts about how to make the “right” choice, they are able to justify reasons that are more creative than the traditional thinker and they wind up with many, many more shades of gray than the typical black and white, good versus bad scenario. The creatives of the world can color or create their own version of right, even if the rest of us fail to see it.

In short, if you’re creative, you might just be a bit unethical, too.

Television Makes You Depressed

Well, kind of. According to research from Harvard School of Public Health, women who exercise less than ten minutes a day are more likely to be depressed than their exercising counterparts. This isn’t news in particular, but the same set of research also uncovered a truth that is slightly more unsettling. Not exercising is bad enough, but television watching makes you even more likely to be depressed.

Women who watch more than 21 hours of television per day (That would be 3 hours per day on average) are more than 13 percent more likely to be depressed than women who watch an hour or less per week. Maybe we should all turn off the television and go outside to play. Or at the very least, if you’re going to sit around and be lazy, listen to music or read a book instead.