Correcting Mistakes: How Much is Tattoo Removal

It might have been fun at the time, but tattoos are a bit more permanent than we realize at the age of eighteen. The adorable flower on your ankle made you smile and it looks great with your shorts and toe rings in college, but now you’re tired of wearing pants to work. You want to wear skirts again and not have your boss look at you in a totally different way.

As the popularity of tattoos has increased, so has the popularity of tattoo removal. Using lasers and peels, skin care specialists are able to blast away the colors of the ink on your tattoo over time. Of course it’s not a comfortable procedure and it’s not cheap – your tattoo might have cost you only $100 to have done, but you’ll be paying ten or twenty times that to have it removed.

Most skin care centers charge by the inch to have the tattoo removed. If your tattoo is a large one using many colors, you’ll likely be given a custom quote or asked to pay for the amount of laser used on every visit. A tattoo the size of a quarter, for example, would cost between $100 and $200 on each visit. It takes multiple visits to see improvement in the tattoos with certain colors fading more rapidly than others.

For that small tattoo on your ankle, you’ll pay an average of about $150 per visit for about eight to ten visits. The visits will be spaced apart by six weeks to give your body a chance to absorb the ink you’ve blasted during your appointment. With each visit the tattoo fades a bit as the ink is broken apart by the lasers and then absorbed. Six weeks later you repeat the process until the tattoo is permanently removed.

The grand total for the removal of one inch of tattoo can be close to $2,000. That buys a lot of pants suits or perhaps peace of mind.