Considering Breast Implants? Common Questions

Breast implants remain one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery and with silicone breast implants safely available again for women seeking a new bust line, the popularity of breast enhancement surgery is more pronounced than ever.

How much are breast implants?

One of the first, natural, questions to ask is how much the surgery will cost. The cost varies widely by surgeon and location, but patients can expect to pay between $3,000 and $8,000 for breast implants.

How long is the recovery period?

While the full recovery from breast implants takes up to six weeks, you’re able to don a swimsuit and show off your new contours as early as two or three weeks after the surgery.

Do breast implants feel real?

Silicone breast implants, in particular the silicone gel implants, feel amazingly real once they are positioned correctly.

Are breast implants obvious?

This depends heavily on how well people knew your figure before your surgery and how large your implants are. Larger implants will be more noticeable, and close friends and family will likely be able to tell only because they have known you for a long time.

Are breast implants safe?

Silicone breast implants were pulled from the market years ago, but now several companies have been given the green light by the Food and Drug administration to produce silicone breast implants again under tougher standards.

Both silicone and saline breast implants are safe, although there is always the possibility of medical side effects. It is important to discuss all concerns about breast implants, in particular the safety of the procedure and implant with your physician.