Clues You’ll Find in Your Guy’s Apartment

So you’re over for a friendly movie night and you feel the need to peek around your guy’s place. What exactly are you hoping to discover? There is actually a lot you can learn about your guy from just a few clues laying around the place.

He’s a Gamer

If he has every game system known to man as well as a gaming chair, headphones and the figurines or posters, you may not be looking at a serious long term relationship. It’s probably a bit too early to judge a man by the game he plays, but games might mean that he’s not quite as serious about life and that he’s into fun and freedom – how else will he do the might night raids his friends are arranging? Of course, if you’re a laid back gamer, too, or just don’t care about spending oodles of time together exclusively, this might not bother you a bit!

He’s a Neat Freak

If the apartment is clean to the point that you’re embarrassed to bring him back to your place, ask if he has a housekeeper. If he’s doing his own cleaning and tile grout scrubbing, take a step back. While it’s great to be clean and a bit obsessive about keeping the closets organized, it’s also likely he doesn’t react well in a messy, unplanned situation. And relationships tend to be messy and complicated at times. That’s not to mention children if the two of you ever make it that far down the road.

He’s a Porn Nut

Most guys are into porn, so it’s not a big surprise if you find a internet history with some sexy videos or pictures. What can be of concern, however, is if that’s his main goal online – to look at porn – and he seems to have off-color tastes about it. He may just need to get laid or he may have so uncharacteristic preferences in the bedroom. It may be exciting or it may be terrifying – only you can decide.