Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets

We all know they love surgery, but did you know just how far stars are willing to go to look great all of the time? Some of the new secrets we’ve learned from plastic surgery to the stars, Dr. Anthony Youn, are impressive and intriguing.

Skip Botox, Go for Stem Cells

Celebrities are still very into Botox, of course, but they are also taking it one step farther and now using their own stem cells to create a healthier looking glow. This removes any risk of side effects since the cells are from the star’s body. Suzanne Somers, for example, recently had a full stem cell face lift. The stem cells are believed to give long-lasting plumpness to the face, as Suzanne demonstrates so well.

Laser Facials

If you want skin like the stars, opt for a Tri-Laser Facial. These facials remove sun spots, wrinkles and eliminate fine lines as well. It’s a powerful treatment and apparently a Hollywood favorite.

Red Carpet Secrets

We love to watch the stars on the Red Carpet and it seems that no matter what the temperature they always look fabulous and pulled together. It turns out there’s more magic at work than just some double-sided tape.

The super tall shoes that stars wear don’t seem to bother them a bit and they shouldn’t. Women who are going to be prancing down the red carpet are getting Restylane filler injections in the balls of their feet. These create a natural cushion that can last up to six months, making it much easier to dance and accept awards all night.

Botox injections are popular right before Award nights as well, but not just for the brow. Celebrities are getting injections in their armpits. This keeps the glands from sweating and the stars stay cool and beautiful. Imagine how horrible it would be if they arrived with sweaty underarms!