Breast Reduction? Good News! Smaller Cup Sizes are Back in Vogue

For what it’s worth, the fashion industry’s number one motto has always been change. What once was baggy is now tight. What once was black is now orange. What once sat low on your waist is now back high around your midsection.

It’s no secret that your wardrobe is constantly at the mercy of designers and whatever fuels their creativity or inspires their monetary gains. Of course, the fashion industry only work around what it believes the public wants to see, or, more appropriately—wear. They would argue that the way your clothes hang is nothing short of a reflection of the society in which you choose to belong. And right now, it seems, society is looking to smaller-chested women.

Have you noticed, or ever been frustrated by the lack of clothing provided to big-busted ladies? Many fashion outlets have been criticized countless of times for catering mainly to not just fit and slim women, but also women with small breasts.

It’s no secret that many slim women also have large breasts—this trend alone

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

has been a favorite amongst men for the better part of the past century now. However, if you’ve noticed the lack of blouses or sweaters that fit around your chest comfortably then you may have a very good reason to be alarmed.

Here’s the thing. Really it’s an age-old adage. Does the fashion industry set the trend or does it merely follow a trend? Fashion likes to think it caters to the masses and if there is one emerging trend that fashionistas are spotting everywhere, it’s the trend for smaller breasts.

Recently, fashion commentator Simon Doonan made the claims that he remains convinced that, “The pendulous pendulum will, at some point, begin to swing the other direction.” He adds, jokingly, “I know what you are thinking: Only a gay man could seriously posit the notion that big boobs might ‘go out of fashion.’

But is he far-off base with his observations? Models have always been notoriously small-breasted, true, but in the 60s, the extreme popularity of celebrities like Mia Farrow, Ali McGraw and Twiggy—to name a few—suggests that flat-chested women were all the rage.

And even though large breasts are desirable today, the fondness for a smaller cup size seems to be on the increase. The popularity of actress Rooney Mara in the U.S version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo suggests that audiences are in favor of modest, more natural looking breasts. Even Cameron Diaz, who is rumored to have recently undergone a breast enhancement, still opted to keep her girls on the smaller end of the cup-size.

Furthermore, the recent BBC documentary “My Big Breasts and Me” proves that women with emotional and physical ailments due to overly large breasts are beginning to speak out.

No wonder breast reductions remain a trend as popular as ever. In fact, plastic surgeons will tell you that their reduction mammoplasty clients are amongst their happiest with the end results.

What does this mean for you? Well, you can change you hairstyle, you can change your nose size, or you can change your breast size. Fashion and plastic surgery almost go hand in hand. Both remain popular and accessible to mass appeal.

And if there is one thing that plastic surgery has always been good at it’s at adapting to the masses. There is a plastic surgeon out there waiting to provide you with whichever results your heart so desires.

And the truth of the matter? For every desired small-breasted woman exists an equally desired large-breasted woman. And that will always remain in vogue.