Beauty Tips for Spring

The weather is warming up and it’s time to try some new beauty elements to see if they can bring a bit of fun to your look this spring and summer.

Purple Lip Gloss

It might seem a beat off the norm, but wait until you try it! Purple lip gloss is quite the rage this spring and it’s surprisingly attractive on. Sheer purple lip gloss makes your lips stand our more than the pale pinks we may be used to, and it’s got enough punch to it that it really stands out without being overwhelming the may many lipsticks can be.

Giant Hair Accessories

From bows to twist-ties, there are plenty of outstanding looks for hair that we have loved since childhood. Surprisingly they are back now in bigger sizes and you can once again use a rubber band shaped like a figure eight with two plastic balls to hold up your ponytail. It’s very elementary, but very stylish as well.

Glam Clips

Add some sparkle to your hair with a simple style accentuated with a shiny, sparkly glam clip. The more vintage the comb or clip appears to be, the more fun it will be for you to wear. You must have a sexy, tousled head of hair for this look to work well, however, so be ready to sparkle in a casual way.