Beating Your Hangover Before It Starts

This is the time of year for parties and more than a few drinks, but this is not only the time for fun and celebrations, but it’s also the perfect time to get a handle on your potential hangover – in fact, you might not have one at all if you plan ahead correctly.

Drink Water

The majority of a hangover is caused by dehydration. So to beat the majority of the hangover, you just need to drink more water. Drink a big glass of water before you start your wine or cocktails. Then, alternate your drinks with a bottle of water. Sip a martini and then sip a bottle of water. Sip a beer and then some more water. Before you go to bed at night, drink another big glass of water to help flush your system while you’re sleeping.

Eat Greasy Food

There’s a reason we crave those fried and greasy delicacies when we’re drinking. Your body knows that eating a ton of grease helps to protect the lining of your stomach. While you’re drinking or just before you start, eat a big greasy meal to coat the stomach lining with a thin layer of grease. Normally this would gross us out, but a greasy stomach will come in handy when you’re drinking – less of the alcohol will be absorbed and you can still have fun.

Avoid Congeners

The substances in alcohol that make some hangovers worse than others are called congeners. These are found heavily in drinks like red wine, whiskey, brandy and other things that smell and look like alcohol. There are fewer congeners, and fewer chances of a hangover, in drinks like vodka or gin.