Beating Raccoon Eyes: Removing Dark Circles

Watching your face age is nobody’s idea of fun, and when you start to notice the bags and dark circles under your eyes, it’s time for action. The only decision to have to make when these raccoon eyes start to show up is which action you plan to take.

 What Causes Dark Circles?

The dark bags under your eyes can be caused in a few ways. They might be fat deposits or thick muscles under the eyes causing shadows right under the eye bone. The dark circles may be a shadow as we start to lose tissue under the eye as well – so two types of shadows are possible, one that comes from too much tissue and one that comes from too little.

It’s also possible that the dark circles under your eyes is caused by a super-thin skin layer that allows the darker color of the muscles to show through or it could simply be that the skin’s pigment under your eyes is darker.

Fixing Dark Circles

To resolve the dark circles under your eyes permanently – when a stick of concealer just isn’t doing it for you anymore – you’ll need to handle the specific problem that may be causing the problem. For shadows caused by too much tissue, a cosmetic surgeon can remove fatty deposits. If the muscle is causing shadows, a bit of Botox can smooth these muscles out and remove shadows as well.

Shadows caused by a lack of tissue can be resolved by filling the cavities under the eyes with fat injectables gathered from other parts of the body. Other fillers can be used with the same result in that area as well.

If thin skin as well as darker pigmentation can be resolved using advanced laser skin resurfacing to encourage new, healthy layers of skin and collagen to create a more natural, youthful look under your eyes.