Beat the 12 Percent: Achieve Your New Years Goals

Sadly, only 52 percent of goal setters are confident that they will have success with their new plans. (Why do the other 48 percent even bother?) But even sadder than that, it turns out, according to a study by Richard Wiseman, that only 12 percent succeed in hitting their goals for the New Year. What makes the difference for these few lucky ones – it turns out it’s not actually luck.

A Specific Goal is Achievable

A goal like “eating better” or “getting healthier” isn’t a real goal – it’s a guideline. A goal is something that is measureable and achievable. For example, “stop smoking completely by February 1” would be a measurable goal. You will know if you made it on the first of February. Another measurable goal would be “lose a minimum of 5 pounds per month every month this year by eating only 1500 calories per day.” You can then hop on a scale on the first and last day of the month and see if you’ve made it.

Write Things Down

It’s one thing to have a goal in your head, but it’s quite another to see it written down and even shared with others. Make a goal visible by writing it down in a journal, on an inspirational poster or on a public forum where others can all see how much you’re planning to do and improve. Having a visible goal makes it easier to adhere to the goal and easier to achieve it.

Plan for the Day

Old habits die hard and if you start the day running and end up stressed and frantic, you’re much more likely to revert to old habits. Instead of starting each day at a run, get up ten minutes earlier and spend some time planning your day and organizing your thoughts and daily activities so that you can use the day to your advantage.