Awesome Fashion Trends for Spring

It’s hard to believe but spring and summer are almost upon us and it’s time to revamp your wardrobe to include some of the newest must-have fashions. Fortunately for us, many of these fashions are fun, easy to wear and flattering as well.

Color Blocks

Picture bright blocks of color on everything from purses and swimsuits to dresses and pants. Bright colors are a main stain for this spring, and it’s easier than you think to work with the bright color choices available. If you’re going to go for bold color, be sure that you don’t get too overloaded – two or three colors at a time is all you really need.

Bold Prints

Call attention o yourself with a bold print. Flashy fabrics appear with pants, tops, dresses and jackets, and the bolder the fabric, the more attractive the look. Oversized florals, geometric shapes and tropical prints all have their place in your closet this year.

Go Orange

Bright, happy and flattering, tangerine – a bright shade of orange – is showing up all over the place and it’s a color that manages to look good on just about everyone. Grab a sundress in orange or just grab a cami for a pop of the season’s most fashionable color under your more conservative tones.


If the bright orange isn’t doing it for you, you have another choice. Pretty pastels are very much in fashion this year and the sweet dresses in sherbet colors are ideal for lady like jaunts like teas, showers and weddings.

Peplum Skirts

The flared waistline is always flattering and this year you’ll find it in spades. Peplum skirts, tops and dresses make an emphasis on a narrow waist with a wide flare over the hips. It’s definitely a glamorous look, but it’s one you can certainly pull off!