6 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Romance doesn’t have to cost very much and if you’re looking for ways to spend time together that don’t break the bank, you don’t even have to be very creative – sometimes all it takes is changing your timing.

Lunch and a Movie

Sure, dinner is a staple, but why not have lunch and a movie? You probably won’t be drinking at eleven, the food is cheaper but just as tasty and the matinee prices are considerably less.

Photo Collage

Seal your romance with a kiss and make it a point to take a picture of the two of you in lots of your city’s landmarks. Or just take pictures of each other doing adorable things. Then, use the pictures to make a terrific album or collage to enjoy later.

Tell Stories

Snuggle down at home and order a pizza. Then, just share stories with each other. Explain your version of how the two of your met or share your most embarrassing or happiest moments with each other.

Bake Together

There’s something special about cooking with someone else, so grab a bag of chocolate chips and have a blast cooking at home. You don’t need an elaborate meal – just a bit of creative fun.

Make a Scrapbook

Sit down together and look through all of the memories that the two of you share. Flip through magazines to cut out words you like and messages, print out pictures and then put them all into an inexpensive scrapbook you can enjoy forever.

Take a Walk

Go outside on a nice day and just take a walk together. Or go out in the evening and stroll along as you watch the sun set around you. A walk at night can be just as romantic – especially if there is a full moon.