5 Ways to Bring Back Baby-Soft Skin

Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful, soft skin? Bring back your own smooth appeal with these tricks.

Shower Once Per Day

Often we shower multiple times if you work out in the evening after a full day of work. If you must rinse off sweat, avoid soap in the evening as it can dry out the skin dramatically. Use warm, but not hot, water and then when your shower is done, blot – don’t rub – your skin dry.

Apply Moisturizer All Over

After your shower, while your skin is still damp, apply moisturizer. You can buy any number of fancy lotions, but as far as their ability to moisturize, most lotions – even cheap ones – have the same combination of ingredients. Buy a lotion you like and apply it religiously.

Wash Away Detergent

If your washing machine leaves detergent behind on your clothing, sheets and towels, that soapy residue is robbing your skin of valuable moisture every time you go to bed or get dressed. Be sure that you’re getting all of the soap out of the laundry by running it through the washing machine again after each load – this time without soap.

Avoid Little Bumps

If your skin tends to have the little red bumps that come from clogged sweat glands and pores, be sure you attack them the right way. Wear clothing that pulls moisture away from the skin like cotton or special sports clothing and then shower immediately after sweating using an antibacterial soap. Again, be sure to moisturize after the shower.

Fix Cracked Heels

Heels tend to be dry and rough, but you can fix them easily enough. Use a pumice stone to remove the roughness and then slather your feet with a heavy-duty foot cream. Pull on thick gym socks to keep your feet nice and warm and leave them alone for about an hour to allow the cream to soak in. Remove the socks and enjoy your pretty feet again!