5 Things You Should Know About Your Man

As much as he might try to hide it, there are some universal truths about your man that you probably should know.

Your man loves to be teased. Dress in something alluring and then remove it for him – slowly. A bit of a sultry, sexy dance will get him nicely stimulated. Don’t worry if you’re not an image of physical perfection – men are thinking about how sexy you are – not how wide your hips are.

Your man will stare at other women. Consider a throwback to the caveman days. They are genetically programmed to stare at other women from time to time. He can love you more than anything in the world and still be instinctively drawn to check out the cute girl walking down the street. Just ignore it or tease him and move on.

Your man is a bit perverted. Men have a much higher threshold for sexual things that might make us just a wee bit uncomfortable at times. The male mind thinks about sex almost every waking hour and they tend to daydream about things just as perverted as they see on the web.

Half of men would cheat if they could. Given the opportunity and knowing that their woman would never find out, half of men admitted that they would absolutely cheat. So the other 50 percent are either totally devoted or totally lying. Fortunately, while they might think about it, they don’t usually do it – especially if they respect the woman they are with.

Your man needs to be needed. Every man wants to be king of his castle and often he’ll settle for just doing one or two things better than his wife. The woman can be more beautiful than he can ever hope to be, but he’d like to be the smartest. At least once.