5 Things to Never Do After a Break-up

Break-ups suck and even if things went as well as they could during the break-up process, there is some residual drama that must be dealt with following the end of things. Of course, while some things are natural and healthy after a break-up – like crying or feeling angry, others are simply a bad idea.

Get a Tattoo

If you suddenly feel the urge to get a tattoo or new highlights, go for it – after three months. Wait a few months after the break-up before you do anything too serious to yourself. Change is good, usually, but the best changes are those you’re really ready for.

Contact Your Ex

There’s no need to talk to him unless you’re sharing custody of the kids or the pet. You need space to grieve and mourn and calling him will only prolong your agony. Don’t call. Don’t text. Fill that empty space with friendship and time with family instead.

Sleep With Him

Sure, you might want a little action, but sleeping with your ex isn’t the way to make it happen. Sleeping with an ex is going to stir up all of the old, nasty feelings and make you miserable in the end.

Stalk Him

Once upon a time we stalked exes by talking to their friends and spying on them. Now, social media makes stalking even easier. Avoid the temptation, however, by dropping him from your friend’s list, unfollowing his Twitter and erasing or hiding his name in your IMs.

Pretend You’re Okay

There’s a small chance you really will feel nothing at all about a relationship when it’s over, and if that’s the case it’s a good thing it’s over. But most of us will have some sadness, perhaps anger and grief over the ending of the relationship. It’s okay and good for you to get all of that out – don’t hide your feelings behind a mask. It will only prolong the healing.