5 Strange Things Men Actually Believe About Women

There is a great deal of humor in the way men behave, and it’s not surprising to learn that most of the “advice” they get from their buddies is terrible – hilarious, perhaps – but terrible. For example:

Don’t Call for Three Days. This is so famous it’s in the movies. Guys aren’t supposed to call for three days because they might look too desperate. They’re probably more desperate if they are following rules rather than their instincts.

Sleep With as Many Girls as You Can. Young men are encouraged to sleep with anyone who seems willing to play along, and this is celebrated behavior somehow. Never mind the potential diseases that can be passed along or the lack of respect involved.

It’s Okay If She Doesn’t Find Out. A guys buddies seem to really think that it’s okay to go to the strip club or hit on other women so long as the girl back home (you!) doesn’t find out. Trust us, guys. We always find out eventually.

Compliments Make Men Weak. Complimenting a woman makes you weak and needy according to popular man lore. So when your guy shrugs off how nice you look, he may actually think he’s preserving his male dignity rather than just being rude.

Insulting Women Makes You a Player. Insulting a woman or “negging” her with negative things is supposed to make her insecure so that she’ll fall helpless at his feet. Not only is this patently false for women with any sort of confidence, but it’s also demeaning and horrible on any level to patently insult someone in order to have your way with her.