5 Spa Treatments You Really Must Try

There are so many spa treatments available today it’s hard to pick what’s reasonable and what’s rubbish. Fortunately, we’ve done the picking for you!

Brazilian Bikini Wax

You can’t be shy about this one, but you’ll be amazed at how clean and lovely you feel when you’re hair free in both the front and the back. This is one you may be tempted to try at home, but the likelihood of success is slim to none, so do yourself a favor and let the pros handle it.

Specialty Pedicures

Give yourself over to the hands of the professionals in the most deluxe of the pedicures available. You may not be able to afford it every two weeks, but you can certainly enjoy the luxury of a premium pedicure every few months or so – opt for the one that sounds the most blissful and you’ll know you’re onto a good thing.

Mud Bath

Get back to the basics and slip into a soothing tub of mud. The mud bath or in some cases a mud wrap will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, soft skin and muscles that are free of tension and even arthritis.

Laser Hair Removal

You can finally stop shaving if you’re willing to try a few rounds of laser hair removal. Be sure, however, that you plan to remove hair that can actually be removed with this treatment. Laser hair removal won’t remove light or sparse hair. Dark, thick hair is hair to attack.

Hydrotherapy Massage

Blast away tension and muscle fatigue with bursts of jetted water in a rich, scented bath. This is far more than just a Jacuzzi tub – hydrotherapy is essentially a water massage on every inch of your body that you’re able to submerge in the deep tub.