5 Foods You Can Do Without

If you’re looking to be healthy, do what the nutritionists do and stick to the healthy foods. But which foods are out there hiding and pretending to be healthy when they really aren’t?

Light Yogurts

Sure it feels good to eat a 90 calorie light yogurt cup, but what are you really eating? That little cup of light yogurt probably had plenty of artificial sweeteners, possibly some sugar and they taste artificial, too. It’s far better to eat the real thing in the form of Greek yogurt – you’ll get a nice protein boost, too.

Bottled Salad Dressing

Sure it’s convenient, but what’s in that bottle? Most corn syrup as it turns out. Popular salad dressings also contain chemicals and plenty of food additives as well. It’s simple to make your own salad dressing – just mix olive oil, vinegar and some herbs. Voila!

Coffee Creamers

They are so yummy, but so bad for you at times. Many coffee creamers contain artificial chemicals and plenty of hidden trans fat as well. It’s far better to use the real cream or opt for a nonfat latte instead of pouring in flavored chemicals.

Lunch Meats

Cold cuts, or lunch meats, are full of sodium and nitrates, neither of which is very good for you. Nitrates are linked to cancer so if you must consume them, opt for organic lunch meats with less than 500 milligrams of sodium in a serving. Drink plenty of water as well to flush the salt out of your system as well.


A quick stop in a drive-through and you have a cold, large soda to enjoy the rest of the day. But how many calories are you actually consuming in that single drink? Sweet drinks like soda, shakes and fruit drinks are all chock full of calories and often artificial ingredients. Stick to water and lemon-flavored teas instead.