4 Ways to Rock His Valentine’s Day

It’s a day that’s usually more romantic for women than men. After all, most men aren’t looking for flowers to show up at the office from us. They want their special treat after a romantic evening – they want the night. And you can give your guy something that will make his night extra special without much fuss at all.

Written Instructions

Rather than telling your guy what you want, why not write it down? You can use little notes to write instructions for what you think he should do “tie my hands to the bed” or if you’re really brave, you can write the notes yourself using a marker. Just be sure it’s washable – imagine his surprise if he finds little sexy instructions with every piece of clothing he removes.

Gift Wrapping

Rather than buying some pretty lingerie that you like more than he does, take things to another level. Order some costumes or don a full dominatrix outfit. Sure it’s not pink and lacy, but both of you will be thrilled with the power a flirtation or full on sexy costume can create – especially if it’s something totally out of character for you.

Full Body Polish

It’s fun to dress up for the big night, but spend some time getting presentable before you get dressed. Sure, paint your toenails, but also consider spending a bit of time with a razor or trimmer so that you’re fully groomed and ready for some action. If you’re unsure about handling this yourself, splurge on a spa day and include a Brazilian while you’re there – he’ll thank you for it!

Show Him What You’ve Got

Start the evening with a private show. You can actually use those pole dancing skills you’ve picked up at the gym or just do a bit of shimmy and shake with his favorite music. Draw out the evening by making him anticipate what’s coming next. You can take this even another step by showing him how you enjoy pleasuring yourself prior to allowing him time in the bed as well.