4 Ways to Know He Really Cares

He likes you – he really, really likes you! But how do you know for sure if what he’s feeling is a really serious “like” (or even love!) or if it’s more of a “play along and see what I can get” sort of relationship you’re enjoying. Here are ten easy ways to tell:

He remembers your birthday (or other special events.)

If you find yourself reminding him of that dinner out with friends or your birthday comes and goes without him ever realizing what’s going on, things may not be looking up. Of course, if you never mentioned your birthday and acted like it was an ordinary day, you can’t really blame him.

He plans around your plans.

He knows that you have yoga on Tuesday nights. So he doesn’t try to arrange any dates on Tuesday nights – ever. Instead he plans for couple activities on Saturday to accommodate your crazy work schedule during the week without ever uttering a complaint.

He shares his food.

Some people are just nice and they’ll offer you a few pieces of their dinner to taste. But you can tell the difference between how comfortable someone is with your company by how they offer you food. Do you have to ask? Does he just offer it? Does he let you take bites off his plate comfortably, or is it forced? The more casual and comfortable food-sharing is, the better he likes you.

He allows his pride to suffer.

We’d never intentionally try to take our man down a notch, but there are sometimes that things come up and we greatly appreciate him helping us out – even if it means a ding to his manly pride. He might carry our purse while we try on clothing or walk our little adorable doggie. He might even run out to the store for Midol and tampons if he really, really likes us.