4 Ways to Boost Your Weight Loss

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to lose those five or ten pounds that you put on to hibernate during the colder winter months. Fortunately, losing five pounds in six weeks is simple enough, and if you boost your motivation, you might hit ten. Of course, you may need to get a bit creative to fit exercise into a normal routine.

Record Your Meals

Just writing things down, or recording them in a clever phone app is enough to make you cut your food intake. Who wants to record that you ate a 1,000 calorie burger and fry meal? It’s amazing what keeping a record can do.

Park Far Away

If you must drive to work, simply park at the other end of the parking lot. Walking for just those extra five minutes per day adds up. Walk to and from your car four times (beginning of the day, lunch, back from lunch and leaving) and you’ve gained an extra twenty minutes of exercise!

Cut a Food

If you’re bad about eating too much ice cream, simply cut it out of your diet for this month. Remove the ice cream completely and you won’t have to count up those calories and you know that you can have it again in a month. Of course, when you do start eating it again, the forbidden food may pack on new calories, so be careful to stick to moderation.

Exercise in the Morning

Get up an hour earlier and pop in a Pilates tape, or head to the gym for some serious sweat before the sun even comes up. The earlier you exercise in the day, the more benefits you get. You’ll burn more calories all day long and have extra energy as well.