4 Reasons Your Man Won’t Propose

While you might be doing everything you can to get him to buy a ring, your guy just doesn’t seem very committed to the idea just yet. Don’t worry it’s not you – it’s him! (No really!) But don’t despair, you may be able to help him (and your future wedding plans) see the light.

His Parents Weren’t Good Marriage Partners

Divorce is a messy business and it leaves a nasty mark on a lot of children who witnessed it. If your man has divorced parents who underwent a nasty separation and lived to use children as weapons in their ongoing disputes and arguments, you can bet that your guy is a bit freaked out by the thought of his relationships turning into something like that. Reassure him frequently that the two of you aren’t his parents – and that he’s not destined to repeat the mistakes they made.

He’s Not Secure Yet

Men often define themselves by work and career. If your guy doesn’t have a good career to back his good name, he might be hesitant to take the next step and get married before he feels like he has all of his proverbial ducks in a row. Wait patiently if you can until he feels more settled. In this case it’s just a matter of time and confidence. Use this time in your relationship to build up your own career and enjoy your own hobbies while encouraging him to work as hard as he needs to in order to find success.

Boredom Sets In

Most of us are living to be eighty or even older. The thought of being with someone for sixty-five or even fifty-five years is unsettling for men who are thinking about the future and his loss of freedom. Marriage can become a bit monotonous as we age unless there is a constant effort to keep things exciting. Show him you’re not ready to settle into a pattern to last a few decades just yet. Liven things up in the bedroom and keep him on his toes with as many clever ideas as you can think of for the bedroom and beyond.

There Are Oats to Be Sown

Guys like to leave their options open and even if he knows he loves you, he’s not ready to be exclusive just yet – or commit to being exclusive for the foreseeable future. (Hopefully he’s exclusive now, at least). Most guys are terrified of marrying someone who will “be the last girl he sleeps with.” While perfectly normal, this is more of a “him” problem to solve than a “you” problem to solve. Give him some time to come to terms, but if he keeps you hanging for too long, let him know that you’re not planning to wait years for him to grow up. That may spur him on or his reaction may confirm you made the right decision.