4 Reasons to Consider a Short Guy

The average height of a man is up to an astonishing..5’10”. A year ago it was only 5’9”. That means that more than half of the men in the United States and Canada are going to be shorter than 5’9” in height. Sure, we’d all love to find someone tall, dark and handsome, but how many 6-footers are there to go around? Maybe it’s time we dropped the tall and just looked for handsome!

Tall isn’t required for handsome. Tall guys don’t have the market on hotness. In fact, most shorter guys are more proportionate and better built than tall, gangly guys. If you like a little meat on the bones of your guy, you’ll have better luck finding a built-up guy of average or short height than a super tall one.

Short guys tend to love taller girls. Not all of them, of course, but in general a guy who is your height or shorter is going to be okay with your long legs and height. If he’s okay with being the shorter one in the couple, he’s going to be confident, and confident men are definitely sexy men. Hello, Tom Cruise.

Hard work is more natural for a shorter guy. Napoleon was such a hard-worker and driven that they named a short-guy complex after him. Tall guys might have more advantages by default, but short guys tend to work harder, be more driven and have a better idea of what they want to gain from life.

Shorter guys work harder…everywhere. A tall guy who is desired by everyone he meets will expect you to pleasure him. A short guy who is way into you is going to spend the majority of his attention working hard to pleasure you. How is this a bad thing?