4 Lessons to (Not) Learn From the Movies

We all love the movies, and we love to see strong women portrayed in the movies, but there are some things that the movies seem to always get wrong.  If you’re trying to figure out how to be a successful, modern woman – there is much to learn from watching popular films, but these lessons aren’t ones to embrace.

Young Women Get Great Jobs

How many teenagers or fresh-faced college graduates have we seen with tremendous jobs? They are always high up in a marketing firm or working as a lawyer even though they are only twenty-two years old. Unless the movie is about a teen prodigy, it’s pretty far off base. You’d be better off watching movies where young women are assistants, entry-level accountants, under-paid interns or working part-time while they wait to get a real job.

Young Women Live Alone

While some women live alone in the big cities, many have roommates for two reasons. One – it gets pretty lonely from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 a.m. That’s a lot of hours to entertain yourself. Living with a roommate at least gives you someone to share a pizza with. And two – roommates help cut down on the cost of your apartment or house. The more roommates, the lower the rent, usually, which makes a big difference with those under performing careers.

Young Women Frolic in Underpants

I’m not sure why this one is so common, but we don’t run around in our underpants. If you have a friend over, you’re probably going to pull on a pair of pajama pants or yoga pants over your skivvies, not just answer the door in a large shirt and panties. It really makes no sense when there are a bunch of scantily clad girls hanging out together in someone’s apartment. Apparently on television, there are not enough pajama pants to go around.

Women Wake Up with Great Hair

Why do women always seem to have terrific hair just after waking up? They have pretty hair in bed. They have pretty hair at the beach. They have lovely hair during the spinning class. It’s unrealistic. Real women only have pretty hair for the few minutes in the morning before humidity and heat wipes out your hard styling efforts.