3 Ways to Be More Romantic Right Now

Romance sometimes takes planning – we don’t have a ready stash of champagne and rose petals, after all, but there are plenty of ways to up the romance quota immediately, with little or no planning.

Put on the Pretty Lingerie

Rather than sitting around in his old boxers and a faded t-shirt to watch the late show, take a bath and pull on your pretty things. We all have some stashed away from first dates. Even if it’s not as comfortable as slouchy shorts, wearing a pretty nightgown, an adorable cami set or even a negligee is enough to get his blood boiling – especially if he hasn’t seen you wear them in a while.

Take a Bubble Bath

Sometimes it’s hard to feel pretty and romantic at the end of the day, but you can take a break from your hectic lives and share a bubble bath easily enough – if you have a big enough tub. Even if baths aren’t really his thing, he might enjoy watching you in one. Get your bath going, get settled with some wine and then call him in to talk about your day – you vanity stool makes a great seat while he watches you bathe and tries to remember anything at all about his day with all those interesting bubbles.

Sleep Naked

Remember when you used to be wild and crazy? You might have done things like slip between the sheets naked just to see what he did about it? Go ahead and pull this game tonight! As you’re getting ready for bed, strip down and climb in. If he doesn’t notice right away, you might decide this is a great night for a little cuddle. He’ll figure it out pretty quickly then and romance will be immediate!