3 Tools Every Women Needs at Home

Just how handy are you? When it’s time to hang a picture are you wielding a stiletto and a nail you found tucked down in the carpet or are you pulling out a tool box and a power drill? Every women needs to be at least a little bit handy at home so that you can hang pictures, fix a leaky faucet and take care of any of those other pesky things that come up from time to time.

A battery-operated screwdriver or drill. While you may have a preference for a drill if you’re already a DIY kind of girl, most of us would be quite content with a power screwdriver. The screwdriver is about the same size as the regular screwdriver you’d use, and you can switch out the bits for the different sorts of screws you’d be using easily. The battery makes it easier to install and remove screws when it’s time to set up your new TV, hang those pictures or fix just about anything.

A tape measure – the metal kind. Sure, you’re a girl and you probably already have a paper tape measure at home. You know  – the sort that wraps around you to test your body measurements. But you also need the real deal. A metal tape measure that goes up to at least twenty five feet will come in handy when you’re trying to move furniture, when you need to measure a straight line across something or when you just want to know how long that new shelf is over the sofa.

A hammer. If you’re nailing things up with the back of a shoe, it’s time to buckle down and commit to the real thing. Fortunately, you can buy a good hammer for less than $5, especially if you use it only sporadically to whack a few rouge boards back into place or to get those pictures up there straight.