3 Things Your Guy Will Never Tell You

Guys are just full of secrets, and often they aren’t very interested in sharing. Unfortunately “man secrets” are often the cause of tension in a relationship, so go ahead and get these out of the way right now.

He really doesn’t listen to everything you say.

There’s some science and some psychology here. Men don’t hear as well as women at certain pitches. They especially don’t hear soft, female voices sadly. They also are wired to tune out background noise. So if your guy says he didn’t hear you calling him – he might not have. If you tell him to take out the trash while he’s watching his favorite tem – don’t be surprised when it doesn’t happen. Say what you mean clearly, in short bursts and be sure your guy is making eye contact when you say it.

He ideal is Playboy and his mom – not his ex.

We become obsessed with our man’s exes. We want to know what she looked like, what she did and what she did that was so great (and so terrible.) Sadly, while your guy might have good memories of her, the real standard he has in his head more closely resembles the first Playboy centerfold he saw or something similar. Then, if a girl as rowdy and good-looking as that could also pamper him the way his mama does, he’ll be in heaven.  While you can’t dislodge the ideal any more than he can take away your dreams of Edward Cullen, play along as best you can to humor him.

He’ll always check out other girls.

It’s a primal thing for men – they check out other girls even when they don’t mean to. They get embarrassed when they get caught (usually), and they might apologize if they are classy, but don’t blow a fuse if your guy happens to notice your best friend’s daringly low cleavage. Or his eyes follow a pair of short shorts for a minute. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or he doesn’t respect you. The caveat here is that your man should do his looking as quickly and as secretly as possible to try and play down that primal urge when he’s with you at least.