3 Things You’re Not Doing to Protect Yourself from the Sun

We all know that the sun has damaging properties. We know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen and most of the time we do. But if that’s the case, then why are the skin cancer rates still on the rise? It’s the things we’re not doing that are partially to blame.

You’re Not Using Enough Sunscreen

When the sunscreen is tested in labs, the scientists use enough sunscreen to frost cookies when they test for SPF. When we apply it at the beach, we smear on just enough to feel we’re doing a good job. It’s not enough. Really spread that sunscreen on if you’re hoping to protect yourself. And don’t just do it once, put on more and more sunscreen throughout the day for optimum protection.

You’re Not Putting on Sunscreen in the Right Places

The most visible sun damage for women our age isn’t on our faces. We know enough to protect the face well with sunscreen, but do you protect your hands and neck? The neck and décolletage, or the top of the chest, is the most visible area for sun damage over time since we forget to protect it with sunscreen. Your face can look young, but if it’s sitting on a sun damaged neck, it’s not going to look good for long.

You’re a Tanning Addict

Tanning may be addictive. It feels good when you’re baking in the sun and you enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin, even though you know it’s wrong. Baking in the sun in search of a “hot” tan isn’t only dangerous, but it could be setting you up for a life-long addiction as well that increases danger over time. Enjoy the sun with a heavy coat of sunscreen at least!