3 Reasons You Should Embrace Living Alone

If you’re living alone, you’re not alone. 28 percent of American households are single-person ones. If you’re a woman living alone, you’re actually better at it than your male counterparts according to a bit of sociology research. But what makes the solitary lifestyle so rewarding for women? Many things, of course.

Women form social connections easily. Generally speaking, women form social networks of friends more easily than men do. So even though a woman may be living at home alone, she’s certainly not by herself in her existence. All she needs to do is call a friend and she has company when she wants it (and can send it away when she doesn’t.)

Women live longer than men. It’s strange to think about now, but living alone now will help prepare you for the future. After all, women live substantially longer than men in many cases, and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll wind up living on your own someday even if you’re in a committed relationship now.

Home represents relaxation for many women. Women, according to this research at least, respond well to their home. They make it a place of relaxation and comfort – padding the nest, so to speak. So women who are able to come home to their relaxing solitude at the end of the day are certainly relieved – especially if the TV remote is where she left it that morning.