3 Great Ways to Wear White

White shoes may not be big this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your spring and summer wardrobe with a few amazing white pieces. Also, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be super thin to wear white well, either. White can look amazing on anyone so long as it’s properly fitted, a flattering cut and worn with confidence.

Wide, White Pants

It’s so glamorous it almost makes us hurt. Flowing white wide-leg trousers are sexy, slouchy and fabulous with a t-shirt, a simple button-down shirt or anything else that isn’t trying too hard and is simply fun. Think 1940’s film star strolling along the movie sets on the way to a summer lunch date. Now, dress like her!

White Casual Shirts

A white tee is a great essential, but even better is the white button-down shirt. The white shirt gives you a chance to wear a slouchy, if pulled-together look that fares better than a simple cotton t-shirt for work, but is still breathable, comfortable and looks great with just about everything else you own. Try it with jeans, black pants, white pants or capris. Instant comfort and sophistication.

White Blazer

You may have a ton of skirts, dresses and pants that are suitable for both winter and spring and how to do you transition between the two seasons seamlessly? With a white blazer of course! Don a casual white blazer over your black pants or funky skirt and you have an entirely new look that is flattering, fun and a great way to move from cold to not-as-cold, even if you’re not quite to hot just yet, temperature-wise. Naturally, you’ll always look hot in a great fashion piece.