3 Easy Ways to Turn Him OFF!

You like a guy and you want him to like you. So why do we sabotage relationships by turning guys off? Men have said over and over again that there are a few things that they just don’t get about women, but more importantly, there are truly some things that make them think less of you – don’t make these silly mistakes if you’re hoping that he’ll respect you.

“She Looks Like a Slut”

It’s a good thing you never made any bad fashion choices, because if you have, you’re being a huge hypocrite. You might be looking at someone ready to pose for Penthouse or Hussler, but that doesn’t give you the right to judge what she’s chosen to wear as if it defines her lifestyle. You’ve worn old sweat pants, but you’re not a street person, right? That’s not to mention, your guy might wonder why you’re not wearing something a bit sexier like she is to catch his attention.

“I Want to Get My [Body Part] Fixed”

So you want a boob job. Or liposuction. Or a tummy tuck. Why are you going to tell a guy you just met that you’re thinking about enhancing your bust line? Chances are he’s happy with you just the way you are, and is going to be a little freaked out that you’re telling him how unhappy you are with your body. Keep any insecurities to yourself.

“Giggle…Giggle…I’m Wasted!”

He may think you’re easy prey for a sexy evening if you’re loaded, but ultimately he wants someone who can handle her life and her alcohol. A real relationship doesn’t start with drunken outbursts, wild giggles, vomit and passing out.