10 Ways to Sink Your Career at the Holiday Party

For those of us who have slugged through some holiday parties in the past, we know just how dangerous they can become. Sure – they can be loads of fun – but how painful is it to watch someone destroy a career after one eggnog too many?

Give Everyone Booze.

Sure everyone loves a good gift, but do you really want to be known as “the girl who gave people liquor?”

Give Everyone Dirty Gifts

Sure it’s fun to be a bit quirky and to get a laugh out of everyone at the party, but Christmas items that should be reserved for the bedroom should stay there – and they should never see light in the board room.

Show Plenty of Skin

You don’t need to show off every bauble and bead this holiday season. Keep everything tucked away in a classy, yet still sexy, way. You don’t want those looks from your boss anyway.

Ignore People

Sure, you brought your man along and you want to giggle and dance with him, but you’re there with your coworkers and your boss. You should at least speak to them politely a few times through the night.

Be Rude

The holidays are a time when we’re all supposed to be nice and caring. (Really, we’re supposed to be that way all year long!) So don’t forget to say, “Please” and “Thank You.” Especially be sure to thank your host for the evening.

Get Drunk

Sure, tipsy can be fun and we can all laugh. But you want to laugh with everyone else – not have everyone laugh at you as you stumble around or vomit in the bathroom.

Share Secrets

We all know a lot about our coworkers, and the fastest way to the naughty list is to start airing dirty laundry in front of the big wigs.

Spill Client Beans

It’s a party, but you’re still at work so the temptation is there to chat about clients and work related business. Avoid the temptation, however, because spilling client information in front of guests and girlfriends who just happen to work for the competition may very well get you fired.

Get Too Sexy

Have a crush on that guy in marketing? This may or may not be the time to act on it. If you wind up in the bathroom stall or in a room together for the night, expect that news to get around your office very quickly indeed! Is your guy worth your career? Or should we avoid the holiday hook-ups under the boss’s eye.

Bring a Bad Date

Sad, but very true – if you bring a date who acts like a tool or insults others, it reflects badly on you. Depending on how understanding your colleagues are, your asshole date may very well cost you your job – especially if you’re married or dating him for the long term. If you show bad judgment in one area….you may just show bad judgment in others, too.