10 Ways to Improve Overnight

Wouldn’t you love to be perfect? Of course nobody can be truly perfect all of the time, but it’s amazing what sort of positive changes can come from making some simple adjustments to your routines and habits. Here are ten easy ways to improve almost overnight:


  • Lose weight quickly by quitting refined food for a week and instead eat greens and protein along with large amounts of water. (Just be sure to keep the weight off with healthy new diet plans)


  • Wake up at the same time every time and you’ll not only feel better during the day, but you’ll sleep better, too.


  • Avoid screens before bedtime. Take at least thirty minutes to an hour before you plan to fall asleep without any computers, televisions or other devices to allow your mind time to wind down.


  • Eat more walnuts. Sure there are lots of calories, but there is a nice boost of protein and an aphrodisiac as well.


  • Enjoy your chocolate treats. Have the chocolate treat you’re craving, but don’t go overboard. The chocolate will help you relax and enjoy endorphins.


  • Use scent to your advantage. Scent is a powerful way to wake up in the morning, relax in the evening and fall asleep at night. Invest in a good air freshener or candles.


  • Get more sleep. We’re supposed to have up to nine hours of sleep per night, but how much are you actually getting? Everything revolves around healthy sleep – get more of it!


  • Get organized. If your home, computer or relationships are a mess, you may be, too. Take the day off work and focus on just getting everything cleaned out and organized again.


  • Speak to friends. Don’t text them, don’t write them a quick email or “Like” their comments. Actually pick up the phone or better yet drive over to a coffee shop, sit down and have a long conversation.


  • Eat a large salad. Roughage is great for many things, but it does an exceptional job of helping to cleanse the system properly leaving you feeling trim and healthy.