10 Ways to Get Over Failed Resolutions

We’re about a month into January and it’s probably not working out for some of us when it comes to resolutions. If you blew it in a matter of weeks, days or hours, don’t despair – find ways to get over your drama and enjoy the fun that 2012 has to offer!

Enjoy Mardi Gras – Starting in mid-February, you can party like it’s 2012 at the Mardi Gras parades without any diet restrictions.

Try Again at Lent – Even those who aren’t especially religious can give the resolutions another try at Lent. Just give up the same thing again and maybe the second time’s a charm!

Read – Let your mind escape your chastising punishment of yourself by sinking into a nice, thick love story or mystery.

Head to the Mountains – The big ski resorts (and the small ones, too) in the Rockies finally have snow, so take your mind off your failed diet and get some exercise the real way – on skis, snowshoes or just exercise your trigger finger taking pictures of stunning scenery.

Plan a Vacation – There’s nothing to beat the winter blahs better than a great vacation. Look for great deals on fun trips to the beach, take cruise or even head down to Disney World to enjoy being a princess again. It helps considerably that there are some excellent discounts on travel in the early months of the year. Go ahead – see the world!

Start Over – It’s almost February 1, so why not start your resolutions again at the beginning of that month? It’s better than waiting an entire year, at least! Best of all, if February isn’t your month, you can try again in March, then April, then May…

Book a Discount Spa Trip – Make yourself feel better almost instantly by booking a discounted spa trip through discount programs like LivingSocial or Groupon. Look for specials in your area as well through he local paper or websites.

Help Others – Take your mind off your own frustrations, by helping others get over thiers! Become a mentor to a child, donate money and time to a good cause or just clean out your closet and donate old jackets and blankets to those in need.

Analyze What Went Wrong – Rather than just giving up on your goals from the first of the year, spend a few minutes sorting though what might have gone wrong. Was it willpower? Did you set a realistic goal? Once you have the reason you failed, you can plan for the next attempt more effectively.

Forget About It – There’s something to be said for just walking away from the pressure and disappointment of failed goals. If it didn’t work, you don’t have to do anything at all – you can just walk away, buy another candy bar and go on enjoying life for the fun things it has free of pressure to do anything other than living for the moment.