10 Ways to Boost Romance

Even couples having plenty of sex often wish for a bit more romance at home, and we all know romance doesn’t necessarily equate to time between the sheets. Try these ten new ways to boost your romance quota.

Take a Bath

Take a bath and let your man wash your back…and your front. If you have a big enough tub, consider slipping into the bath today to relax together after a long, stressful day.

Enjoy Sweet Treats

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so why not enjoy it? Stop by the specialty shop on the way home and feed him some tiny nibbles of decadence. He can feed you some nibbles as well as just see where the romance takes you from there.

Make Out

Remember the days when you made out, but never actually had sex? Try it again. The next time you’re at the movies, snuggle close and neck. Take a drive to nowhere and engage in some heavy petting. The longer you put off the main event back home, the more fun you’ll have.

Go Skinny Dipping

For fun, romance and a bit of silly, sneak out to the beach in the dark and go skinny dipping. Or head out to your own pool for a bit of late night adventure. Just remember to turn the lights off in the pool or you’ll give the neighbors an unexpected surprise!

Cook Together

There is a lot of opportunity for a bit of romance when you’re cooking together. Pour some wine, sample the meal from each other’s fingertips and see what sort of concoctions you can create together – and then feed each other.

Relive the Past

Head back to where you met to revisit some old romance and fun. Eat at a favorite old restaurant, enjoy a band you’ve always loved or just walk to the park where you had your first kiss. Take a walk and reminisce about all that’s happened since the two of your met. Romance is sure to follow.

Read Something Naughty

Invest in a few books about the latest sexual positions and advice. Read them together to build up some suspense and romance before trying them out yourselves. You can do an easy variation of this plan by bringing a book about kissing home and try out the various techniques to see what you enjoy. It’s all in the spirit of science, of course!

Dress for a Night on the Town

Often we get through the day and wind down in a pair of pajama pants and a ratty old t-shirt. It’s much more romance boosting to put on a sexy little dress that actually inspires you to look your best and him to take you out on the town for something exciting on a Friday night.

Invite Him Over

Use any of the various online invitations to invite your man home for an evening of romance. Be sure to spend plenty of time discussing the various activities that your little private party will include. That ought to definitely get his blood pumping. Not ready for a full invitation? Try using a quick email or a text message alluding to the various things that the evening might hold in store.

Have a “You” Night

Rather than trying to keep things balanced all of the time, let him have a night all to himself. Go to his favorite restaurants, enjoy his favorite things and show him that you love him by not only enduring what he likes, but enjoying it as well. The next week he can return the favor!