10 Things We’ve Learned from Pippa

While the world has been focused on Kate and her recent wedding and trips with William, we’re more than a bit fascinated with Pippa. She’s beautiful, young and seems to have it all together – an excellent teacher for the rest of us.

  1. Mix it up fashion-wise. Pippa likes to shake things up in her wardrobe and she does this by mixing her inexpensive items with more posh ones. The look is unique and fabulous, of course.
  2. We don’t know if it’s a real tan or not, but glow! Pippa has amazing skintone and coloring. Apparently it’s the “must have” skin color in the UK this season.
  3. Simplicity rules. Pippa is great at making a simple look shine. She doesn’t look for sparkles or shiny things – she sticks to great bags and sunglasses to match simple jewelry – if she wears any at all.
  4. Five-minute do. Along with her simple style, Pippa’s hair is simple as well. She seems to have a great cut that just dries and goes.
  5. Exercise. Pippa is fit and that has a lot to do with how great she looks in her outfits. She doesn’t just hit the gym, however. Instead she runs to compete with triathalons and outdoor sports like swimming and skiing.
  6. Mix brown and black. Some of Pippa’s most charming looks combine brown and black accessories and clothing items.
  7. Short girls wear flats. Too often we see short girls in giant shoes, but Pippa (all estimated 5’5” of her) doesn’t feel the need to don heels at every occasion – just the fun ones.
  8. Mini skirts don’t cut off at 30. Okay, Pippa is only 28 and if she can look that great in a mini skirt now she’ll probably look even better at 30.
  9. Muscles are hot. Pippa has toned, buff legs – and we love every inch of them.
  10. Big butts are amazing. Pippa’s derrière has made headlines and many women are seeking surgery to replicate the rounded bottom.

From attractive bottoms to signature purses, Pippa has definitely made herself a girl to be watched!