10 Things a Guy Likes that Make Your Relationship Hotter

Guys are often have simple requests, and you may be surprised by how gratifying it is to fulfill those requests when the opportunities present themselves. For example, here are ten things that are easy to do that will make him smile.

Skip Panties

There’s nothing hotter than a sundress with nothing on underneath it. If you’re going to go commando, however, just be sure you’re not wearing a short dress.

Make a Cheesy Gesture

Buy him something or have a plant delivered at work. Guys like the cheesy romantic stuff as much as girls do, it turns out.

Enjoy Phallic Foods

Do you like a good corn dog? Or perhaps you’d like to lick a lollipop or popsicle? Make eye contact, take a big lick of your ice cream cone and watch him shudder.

Take Charge

Guys don’t always have to be in control. Take charge of things, tease him and be the boss of romance that night.

Work Out

Guys like that you’re making an effort to stay fit and look good. In fact, your hotness makes them hot, too.

Clean the Drain

How is it possible to think of you as sexy when he keeps seeing your gross hair clogging up the shower drain? Clean it out after a good shower!

Do Your Own Thing

Don’t suffer through his favorite things – just let him do them in peace. Go read a book, talk on the phone or hang out with friends. Separation is a good thing!

Break the Norm

If you’re in a rut, break out with something unexpected. Cook dinner in just an apron. Meet him at the door (after checking the peephole for friends) in something skimpy and alluring. Surprise him!

Pamper Him

Offer him a back rub without expecting anything in return. What you give you eventually get, after all.

Listen for the Little Thing

If he mentions how much he loves frosted brownies, why not make some for him? Sometimes it’s just the little things that count the most!