10 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Relationships, and marriages especially, can be tricky. Creating lasting love is more complicated than a lot of hand holding, morning kisses and evening sex. Often things get bumpy and then smooth out again while other times we wonder why we stayed with someone so long when it was so painfully obvious things just weren’t meant to be. Perhaps we were blind to the problems because we refused to even look for signs that the relationship may be in trouble.

He’s Cheating

While we may occasionally have a jealous fit if he checks out the girl in the tight pants, that’s not a sign that he’s being unfaithful to you. But then, if he comes home smelling like another woman’s perfume, he’s suddenly late, has flimsy excuses for rushing out to take phone calls and seems to be more focused out than in, it’s time for a serious chat.

You’re Cheating

If you want to stay with your guy, you don’t cheat on your guy. You don’t look at other guys and wonder how you can get with one while still dating the other. Sure, look, admire and even fantasize about. But moving beyond fantasy is definitely in the danger zone.

There’s No Conversation

If you’re not talking, you have a problem. Think back to the good times when you chatted for hours. Now, how much do you talk? If you turn off all electronics, can you think of something to say to each other for an hour or two? No? Bad vibes there…

You’re Chasing Him

If you feel like the roles have swapped in the relationship and suddenly instead of getting cute notes from your guy and enjoying his frequent calls you find yourself calling him repeatedly, leaving messages and wondering when he’s going to call back, stop now. He’s over it and you should be, too.

Friends Win Out

If you had the choice to travel with your man or your friends, which would you pick? Which would he pick? While partying with friends can be fun, if you’re dreading taking a weekend trip with your guy because it’s just too much work or stress, you’re in the wrong relationship.

You’re Fighting Constantly

If you find yourself constantly fighting and bickering over things that aren’t really that important, it may be time to move on. Of course couples fight and disagree, and then they make up and make out. But if you’re picking at each other, annoyed most of the time and there’s no great make-up sex, what’s the point?

Working Overtime

Overtime is good if it means he’s making more money to spend on the fun the two of you are going to have together. But if he’s working overtime so that he can stay away from home for long stretches or to have excuses for every possible date you’ve come up with, there’s a problem. It goes without saying this works both ways – if you’re working to avoid him, something’s up.

You’re Resentful

If you resent him or he resents you, things will be challenging in the relationship. If you make more money than he does, some men might be resentful of this. The same is true if you think he’s smarter than you. Or you may just be resentful because he puts his mom or ex-wife ahead of your needs. Simmering anger is never a good thing.

Religious or Cultural Differences

It must be said – if you are from truly different planets, things aren’t going to go very well if one or both of you aren’t able to compromise. If his cultural heritage requires you serve him, for example, and you’re not into that, there’s trouble on the horizon. Likewise if you firmly believe men should work and women stay home and he feels you both should work to build up some savings.

Telling Half-Truths

If you find yourself hiding the whole story from your close friends, things might be getting fishy. When you fight and you’re venting later, if you realize you’re holding back secrets, think about why. Is it so that your friend’s don’t shout, “Get out of that relationship, now!”?