10 Serious Fashion Mistakes We’re Still Making!

Why do we have to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? There are some fashion trends that just aren’t very cool anymore, and it’s time to get your fashion sense back in check – immediately!

Don’t wear leggings as pants. Of course it’s very trendy to wear tight pants tucked into boots, but you pants should be actual pants – not leggings trying to pretend they are pants!

Don’t wear chokers. If you’re trying to make your neck look short and fat, why not try a choker? Really, they only look good on dogs.

Don’t wear barely-there formal gowns. It was once sexy to bare your whole body on the red carpet or at a formal event, but now it’s considered poor taste to have a dress stuck on with luck and double-stick tape. Keep it classy, ladies!

Don’t let your thong show. It might have been cute for a moment, but we really knew all along it was just tacky. Tuck your underpants back where they belong – under your pants!

Don’t wear high heel sneakers. There’s no need for sneakers with a platform, a wedge heel or – even worse – a stacked heel. Sneakers are athletic shoes. If you can’t run in it, don’t wear it.

Don’t try acid wash jeans – we’re not buying it! Rips and tears might still be okay, but acid wash is way, way out. And it’s not coming back (hopefully).

Don’t wear a trucker hat. If your head is covered by something a trucker might sport, but with a designer label, you’re way off base. There are so many cute hats out there now, grab one of those and let the big rig drivers keep their big bring hats!

Don’t bare your midriff. Sure, if you’re swimming you can show your toned tummy, but the rest of the time it needs to stay safely tucked away inside your fashionable clothing from this decade.

Don’t go for grunge. Once upon a time it was hugely fashionable to wear clothing that any street bum would be proud to own, but it’s time to put them back in the donation box where they really belong.

Don’t sport a velour track suit. A decade ago, coordinating track suits were super hot – Brittney even got married in one (or did she just wear it before that wedding?), but the hot pink super coordinated velour suits are definitely out – as they should be.