10 Embarrassing Beauty Secrets You Can’t Do Without

How often have you caught yourself in a situation that makes you realize just much you break the “rules” of beauty? See how many of these ten you’re willing to confess to!

1. You paint over toenail polish. Who wants to find the remover when you can just throw a new coat on top? It might be bumpy, but it’s fast and nobody’s the wiser.
2. You put on the samples. A beauty display complete with samples is too much for you to resist. You skip the polite sample on the pinkie and give yourself a full makeover – germs be damned!
3. You file your nails with your teeth. That broken nail needs to lose the sharp edge. Why risk public humiliation and grate it on your teeth a bit to help take the edge off?
4. You wear your man’s deodorant. Admit it – it smells better than ours sometimes and that stuff works! Why not give it a shot?
5. You hide dirty hair in an updo. Not feeling up to a shower after a late night? Pull your hair back in a bun and nobody can tell the difference – so long as they don’t get too close.
6. You use cheap makeup. So what if it’s made from elf droppings and unicorn blood? You’ve been using the $2 lipstick for twelve years and you’re not going to give it up now!
7. You ignore expiration dates. Make up doesn’t live forever you know. When you’re smelling it like day-old milk, it’s time to throw it out.
8. You shave…a lot. Sure we shave arm pits, bikini lines and legs. But do you also shave arms, tummy and your face? You’re not alone, but that’s a lot of lotion.
9. You don’t maximize your shaves. On a lazy day you just shave to the knee. Or mostly to the knee. Capri pants don’t show anything but the ankle anyhow.
10. You use drug store items as quick fixes. Hemorrhoid cream fixes puffy eyes. Visine clears up red skin. Who knew, right?